1Who do you work with?
Persons who find themselves giving in all aspects of their life; at work, at home, and with friends. Adults between the ages of 23-50 years are my ideal client. It is during this time that many persons experience losing their voice and feel overwhelmed due to their demanding titles and relationships. Some common symptoms may be anxiety, burnout, compassion fatigue, relational issues, and trauma.
2What are the benefits of working with you?
My clients experience emotional liberation. Many of them describe the process as “emotionally draining but freeing”. Unlike some therapists, I want my clients to feel at ease with me and so I create a comfortable environment where they can finally take off their masks and superhero cape and just be vulnerable.
3Do I need to do the FREE 15-minute consultation?
No, but it is in your best interest. It would be like taking a car out for a test drive. During these 15-minutes you will get to speak to me directly and determine whether or not you are comfortable. You will be introduced to my style of therapy and be able to ask me questions about the therapeutic process. This is NOT a therapy session and so we will not be going into depth about your issue. The purpose of this session is to see if we click and if I am the therapist for you.
4What does the first session look like?
In the first session, I will be asking you a few questions to get a better understanding of your case, this is called an initial assessment. We will work together to decide what you need for treatment. During this initial session, the client will have the opportunity to see how therapy will work, review office policies, privacy, and learn the limits to confidentiality.
5Do you provide in-person or online counseling?
Counseling sessions are conducted via a secure and easy-to-use telehealth platform called SESSIONS by Psychology Today. It requires no download and is simply one click. Sessions are hosted online for your convenience, this avoids the hassle of traffic, restricted hours, and traveling long distances. However, it would be best for you to be close to your router or in an area with good network coverage for best service as well as making sure that you are in a private location (i.e. bedroom, office, car) to ensure you feel safe to open up. Be sure to read our blog on Online Therapy: Pros and Cons for more information.
6How long are the sessions?
As we begin this therapeutic journey together, we will typically meet for 45-50 minutes per session. The length of the session depends on your openness and willingness to participate. For best results, I suggest beginning with weekly sessions, until therapeutic goals are met. Once you have been consistent and see results we can take off the training wheels and see each other bi-weekly. Coming closer to graduation (yes, there will be a certificate) you can opt to do Booster Sessions, once a month. Some clients attend therapy for three to eight months, while others enjoy going to therapy for years. Therapy does not have to be for a lifetime. My job is to work myself out of a job. However, some want to continue their evolution past simply fixing a problem and that’s fine as well.
7Do you take insurance?
I currently do not take insurance. However, I do offer Superbills to be reimbursed for persons living in Florida whose insurance companies allow for out-of-network providers.
8What is the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?
Having support from a friend or family member is always beneficial during this journey. However, sometimes they may give unsolicited advice. You may also feel uncomfortable sharing your innermost thoughts with them because you do not want to be judged. I create a space for you to feel safe from judgment with a style of therapy that is personable, authentic, and grounded. You may sometimes feel like you are talking to a friend, but you will leave having made insights and breakthroughs that not all of your friends may be able to grasp.
9Does seeking therapy mean I am weak or crazy?
Sadly, society has this completely twisted. The fact that you seek therapy shows strength and sanity. True insanity very rarely seeks help.
10Should I just take medication?
Medication has its benefits like anything else. However, my approach is empowering the person to gain control of their life so that they do not become dependent on medication. Sometimes, medicine is needed in conjunction with therapy, and in those cases, we will seek the assistance of a psychiatrist to join this journey with us.
11I want to get the most out of therapy. What do I have to do in sessions?
Be YOURSELF! These are your sessions! This is the one space where you can take off your masks and superhero cape and just be vulnerable. The more open and honest you are with me and yourself, the more growth you will see in yourself and the relationships around you.
12Where do you serve?
If you are in the United States, you can seek our services if you are in the state of Florida. We also serve persons the English-speaking Caribbean.

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