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Caterpillars build cocoons where they undergo a radical transformation. Let us build a cocoon for you to emerge as your true self.

Individual Therapy

Mental health Counseling is available to anyone. Everyday problems can sometimes get overwhelming leading to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Physical care is often our priority. But what good is a healthy body with an unhealthy mind? Counseling can often lead to further self-discovery that can be the key to unlock the chains of the past. The world is now an unfamiliar place, give yourself the time to adjust and evolve into a new you. You are not alone, and your mental health is worth investing in.

Please be advised that Evolvinu does not recommend individual online services for minors. Minors can be accommodated under Family Therapy sessions.

Couple's Counseling and Marriage Therapy

A relationship is like a bank account. You can't withdraw if you don't deposit. It is important to invest in your relationship and ensure you have a solid foundation. Even after time, most couples experience the ebbs and flows. Taking time to rediscover your partner and create an environment for growth will reinforce a healthy relationship.

Family Therapy

The family is the foundation of our society. But it can be overwhelming managing all those emotions and egos especially during stressful periods. An unbiased perspective can be helpful in gaining insight to unhealthy patterns that only you as a family will have the power to change.

Transgenerational Trauma

“Healing begins at home.” Many of our issues that affect us in our daily lives and relationships, often stem from our interactions with our family of origin. The past can be paralyzing, and you can’t move forward without first healing. When stuck, we often repeat patterns and habits that we don’t even know we’re doing because they are ingrained in us. This process helps us take a step back and acknowledge where these roots are coming from and being to plant new roots. It takes us to accept our past, to understand how it has shaped us, and then to envision a new future.

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